We currently offer service to residents throughout Hampton Roads Virginia, which includes but is not limited to the following…Williamsburg, New Kent, Newport News, Hampton, Poquoson, Norfolk, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Portsmouth.

You must be over 18 years old to access services. We do not provide transportation support to minors.

Currently, we do not have wheelchair accessible vehicles. All riders must be self-ambulatory as our companion drivers are prohibited from lifting or transferring individuals. However, riders can bring collapsible wheelchairs, walkers, canes and other medical devices that can safely stow away in a vehicle.

Our drivers are companion care providers who are trained and equipped to assist elderly or disabled riders who can no longer drive or travel independently due to a medical or age-related issue. A Senior Runs companion driver always stay with, cares for and assist riders while out and about on a doctors’ visit, outpatient procedures (ex. eye surgery, colonoscopy, oral surgery etc.), grocery store run and a variety of family or social activities. This service is designed to provide companionship, comfort and a familiar face every step of the way while you travel.

We encourage you to get familiar with our growing community of companion drivers. Whenever you place a reservation you may ask for the companion driver of your choice.

Currently, we offer pick and up and drop off only service for the following situations:

  • Dialysis and cancer treatment
  • Physical therapy and rehab
  • Adult daycare program participants

Our companion drivers are available to provide services 24/7. However, we strongly encourage users to book services as far in advance as possible especially to ensure you get the companion driver you prefer. We always work hard to honor same day request, but it’s not guaranteed as frequent users of our services tend to book drivers months in advance.

Our service is not limited to only transportation support. We do offer companion care to give loved ones a much-needed break or to just keep care receivers company when family and friends live far away or are unavailable to assist. In addition, our companion drivers can complete various errands for care receivers when they are unable to leave their home whether temporarily or permanently.

Our companion drivers are also available to perform light housekeeping and other small chores around the home. However, they cannot provide maid service. We’ll leave that to the housekeeping professionals.

Please Note: We do not provide personal care services such bathing, toileting, dressing, grooming etc.

In order to access services all users must have an active account. The account activation process is complete upon submitting a completed client application to ensure this service meets your needs. A valid bank card or credit card on file is required for billing purposes. All billing and customer related communication is completed electronically. Therefore, we strongly suggest having a valid email address on file but it is not required to access services.

Our service is private pay only. Users must have a valid credit card or bank card on file. Charges are billed at the end of each trip/service request to the card on file or monthly should you select to join our frequent user program. We currently do not accept any form of medical insurance (ex. Medicare, Medicaid etc.)

We currently offer two payment options. For occasional users you can pay per trip or for frequent users choosing one of our monthly subscriptions plans works best.

Please email seniorruns@protonmail.com or call (757) 802- 4246 to get our current rates for service.

Our companion drivers are healthcare professionals and hold a variety of medical credentials (e.g. RN, LPN, CNA, PCA etc.). Senior Runs performs both a criminal background, motor vehicle screenings and reference checks. Companion drivers are also required to keep their vehicles insured and inspected according to state regulations and provide our administrative office with proof of all required documentation.

No, for the safety and protection of all our community members drivers are not permitted to accept payment from users except for tips. All billing and payments are processed solely through our administrative office.

We provide companion rides from Hampton Roads to all major medical centers located in Charlottesville, Petersburg, Richmond and beyond.