Do You Have Concerns About an Older Driver?

Talking with a senior about their driving is difficult? The privilege of driving is one of the very first rites of passage into adulthood. It represents our freedom and autonomy. However, as we age this freedom is often threatened and without adequate transportation solutions the best decision is often ignored. As a result, your loved one and fellow drivers are put at risk. Nevertheless, the reluctancy to give up the car keys is valid because it often leads to isolation and feelings of loneliness, which is linked to poor cognitive performance and quicker cognitive decline.

We dispatch members of our growing community of highly vetted companion drivers, who provide a friendly escort to assist riders every step of the way with completing routine medical visits, errands and social activities, when traveling around town alone is difficult, unsafe or impractical.

Senior Runs is the solution that makes it easier to have this difficult conversation because a viable option is finally available!

Older drivers with cognitive decline and physical limitations can

  • Feel less anxious and resistant to giving up the car keys.

  • Safely travel to doctor appointments, recreational activities and run errands

  • Preserve their identity and life routines

  • Improve feelings of social connectedness

  • Ride when and where they want

Did you know…?

Some of the same skills and abilities associated with driving are required for the safe use of many alternate transportation methods (e.g. public transportation, taxi cab, fixed route and alternative ride sharing options).

  • Ability to see small details clearly

  • Divided attention/attention switching.

  • Directing and focusing attention on the most relevant sources of information, filtering noise and distractions.
  • Working memory.
  • Executive function (reasoning; decision-making).
  • Changing a planned action/maneuver in response to an unexpected event.
  • Geographic orientation.
  • The ability to maintain or sustain attention over a long period

  • Motor functions or physical abilities that include strength, range of motion of extremities, trunk and head/neck mobility, and proprioception.

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